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25 July 2014 Newsletter

25 July 2014   

To All Kyle Prep Parents

"Toby and the Magic Shoes"     

The budget night for our dramatic production is Tuesday evening 5 August at 6.30pm and the gala night is Wednesday 6 August 2014 at 6.30 for 7.00pm at the Charles Austin Theatre. 

Tickets for the budget night are $2 and for the gala night they are $5.  These will be available from Monday 28 July at Great Zimbabwe Realtors. 

There will be a full dress rehearsal on Monday morning where all the school children will get to see the play. 

Inter-Provincial Sport 

Two of our boys are at Murray MacDougall School in Triangle for the boys hockey tournament which is being held from 23 to 26 July. 

The girls hockey will be held at Springvale House in Marondera from 29 July to 2 August.  All the girls will leave for Hillcrest Prep in Mutare on Wednesday and then go on to Springvale on Friday morning.

Rugby will be held at Petra Primary in Bulawayo from 29 July to 2 August. The whole team will assemble here at Kyle Prep on Wednesday and then leave for Bulawayo on Friday morning.  

Inter-House Winter Sport  

On Monday 28 July we have our inter-house rugby, girls and boys hockey and netball matches.  All children from grade three must come to school in their house colours.There will be school as usual for the Pre-School and Infants.  



1 R

Lee-Anne Run'anga

Good progress in reading

Tinashe Tarume

All round effort



2 Y

Caroline Dengu

Good news writing

Tatenda Sithole

Effort in news writing 



2 G

Natasha Mumbire

Lovely story in Creative Writing



3 R

Lesley Gava

Good Mechanical Maths test results 

Rejoice Nyaruwata

Well written essay



3 Ch

Tawanayasha Gwanema

Highest mark in Spelling and Environmental Science

Kimberly Marimbire

Doing well in English spellings



4 Mun

Rumbidzo Chando

Anthony Shamu

Good test results



4 Mur

Trisha Gombingo

Good manners and good all round effort

Kudzaishe Gaza

Improved effort in Maths



5 Ch

Saamia Surtee

Excellent behaviour



5 M

Takudzwa Mhaka

An outstanding Computers project

Sarah-Lee Coetzer

Consistent effort in Computers



6 Ch

Dadiso Dhlembeu

Constance Hamandishe

Pleasing effort in mid-year examinations



6 B

Simbarashe Chishava

Pleasing performance in examinations



7 S

Kimora-Lee de Kock

Sheena Masikati

Pleasing examination results




Roneiwa Ndou  (3 Ch)

Good behaviour in the hostel




EAGLES:     590                              FALCONS:    620                               KITES:     580       


Last weekend our first team rugby boys (Navy Bulls) won the Old Mutual 10s Rugby Tournament at Midlands Christian School and brought home the trophy.  Well done boys!!!

Tomorrow our girls and boys are off to Chiredzi to play netball and boys hockey at Hippo Valley Estates Primary School.  We wish them many goals.  The bus will leave the school at 5.00am and will be back at 5.30pm. 

Upcoming Events     

Hippo Valley Estates Primary Netball and Boys Hockey Sat 26 July in Chiredzi

Inter-House Rugby, Hockey and Netball Mon 28 July

Inter-Provincial Rugby and Girls Hockey Fri and Sat 1-2 August (new date)

Dramatic Production at the Charles Austin Theatre Tue 5 and Wed 6 August

Term ends  Thursday 7 August.

Yours Sincerely

W J Weideman   




18 July 2014 Newsletter

To All Kyle Prep Parents

End of Term

It is still three weeks before the end of term and we still need to do a lot of things. 

This term our sport teams have really done well and a large number of our senior boys and girls made it into the Provincial teams.  We now have to change some of our dates and venues.  (see upcoming events) 

Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival

At the final concert held at Harare International School on Saturday Irfaan was awarded the trophy for best junior all rounder. 

Appointments for 1 September 2014

Mrs L Mapfumo has been appointed as Head of Infants Department and Mrs A Chinyama will be the senior mistress for the boys' hostel.  Congratulations to them both. 

Cupcake Sale

The PTA cupcake sale on Wednesday raised US$55.00 and R25.00.  Thank you for your support. 

New Computers

The PTA's second term project to install eleven new computers in the computer lab has now been realised.  In conjunction with the Board, the funds were raised and the computers installed.  Our thanks to the PTA for all their effort and hard work. 

The PTA would like to thank everyone for supporting their fundraising projects. 

Thank You to Mr and Mrs Raju Patel of Spark Rite for sponsoring the colts' rugby jerseys.


1 R

Nicole Mudzwiti

Tinashe Tarume

Good Maths test results



1 B

Takudzwa Maska-Nikisi

All round effort

Nandipha Chigidi

Neat work



2 Y

Akanaka Paradza

Good all round effort

Roxanne Mungwari

Fluent reading



3 R

Tawananyasha Katuri

Good effort in Maths

Panashe Mano

Good effort in story sums



3 Ch

Munashe Garamumhango

Perseverance and determination going up the Great Zimbabwe hill

Roneiwa Ndou

Doing  exceptionally well in Maths and English tests



4 Mun

Irikidzai Hlatshwayo

Well written story

Endurance Mafunu

Good bonds and tables



4 Mur

Munyaradzi Machingambi

Improved effort in times tables

Munyaradzi Gaza 

Good spellings



5 Ch

Bianca Makausi

Excellent project

Pranay Patel

Improved handwriting



5 M

Kudakwashe Chiinze

Good participation in oral work

Temuso Maduveko

Doing well in oral work



6 B

Rufaro Chimoni

Good performance in mid-year exams




Happias Zhou  (6B)

Neatness in the dormitory

Tadiwa Hove  (6Ch)

Being responsible



EAGLES:     565                                         FALCONS:    600                                        KITES:     555


Last weekend our boys and girls travelled to Triangle for the Murray MacDougall Rugby and Hockey Festival. 

Our 1st team hockey boys won 1 match and lost 3; the colts hockey drew 1 and lost 3 matches; Navy Bulls won all 4 of their games; colts won 2 and lost 2 of their rugby games; 1st team hockey girls won 1 and drew 3 games while the fillies won 3 and lost 1 of their matches. 

12 of our rugby boys, 6 hockey girls and 3 hockey boys were selected for the South Eastern Districts provincial teams.  Well done to you all!!  You made us proud.    

On Wednesday our Bullocks travelled to Gweru for the Midlands Christian Bullocks Tournament.  They did extremely well and won the Prince Charuma Shield and Panashe Mano won the trophy for the most promising forward.  Well done boys!. 

Next weekend our girls and boys travel to Chiredzi to play netball and boys hockey at Hippo Valley Estates Primary School.  

Upcoming Events

·         RM Insurance 10s Rugby Tournament ( Sat 19 July in Gweru)     

·         Hippo Valley Estates Primary Netball and Boys Hockey (Sat 26 July in Chiredzi)

·         Inter-Provincial Rugby and Hockey (Wed 30 July to Sat 2 August (new date))

·         Dramatic Production at the Charles Austin Theatre(Tue 5 and Wed 6 August)

Yours sincerely

W J Weideman


2014 Infants Sports in Pictures

20 June 2014 Newsletter

20 June 2014   

To All Kyle Prep Parents

Exeat Weekend                           

We are halfway through the second term and our mid-term break is the weekend of 27 to 30 June.  The school closes on Thursday 26 June at 10.00am, the hostel closes at 2.00pm.  Hostel reopens on Monday 30 June at 2.00pm while school begins again on Tuesday 1 July at the normal time – 7.50am. 

Children will be given assessment cards which should be signed by their parent/guardian and returned when they come back to school after the weekend.

School Magazine

The school magazine for 2013 (25th Anniversary) is now available at the school at $15.00 per copy.  We would like to thank Mr Chidzurira and Miss Bronkhorst for an excellent magazine.  

Allied Arts

Some of our children are going to the Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival at Midlands Christian College on Tuesday (24 June).  The bus will leave the school at 6.30am and should be back at 4.30pm.  We wish them all the best. 

Form One Entrance Examinations 

Grade 7 parents please remember these examinations on Saturday 5 July.  The children must be at the colleges or high schools at 7.15am.  They must wear their school uniform and bring all their writing materials with them. 

Please do not be late.  

Words of Thanks

·         Mrs Ashleigh Fulton for the donation of a carpet for the Teddy Bear class & Mrs Thomu, of Nice Time Investments, for donating the "hoodies" for Navy Bulls (1st rugby team). 


1 R

McDonald Msevenzi 

Lovely neat work



1 B

Jayden Mutizwa

Effort in reading

Nicole Mazarura

All round effort



2 Y

Maya Mago

Effort in story writing

Gareth Tavaruva

Trying hard to finish his work on time



2 G

Tinevimbo Mukuri

Improved enthusiasm in his work



3 R

Haille Chiwoffa

Tatenda Nziradzemhuka

Good Number work



4 Mun

Irikidzai Hlatshwayo

Good Maths

Endurance Mafunu

Good bonds and tables



4 Mur

Benjamin Munyaradzi

Fadzai Muzoroza

Improved effort in mental sums



5 Ch

Takudzwa Ganhure

Bianca Makausi

Doing well in fractions



5 M

Brendon Mudzwiti

Pleasing spelling test results

Mtabisi Mushure

Consistent hard work 



6 Ch

Nicole Phiri

Being diligent and responsible in class 

Christopher Kuweta

Good presentation in Environmental Science



6 B

Happias Zhou

Improved commitment to classwork 



7 S

Sheena Masikati

Irfaan Surtee

Very good cloze exercises




Christopher Kuweta  (6 Ch)

Neat locker



      EAGLES:     495           FALCONS:    520           KITES:     485

     Upcoming Events

Inter-House Cross Country

Monday 23 June at Kyle Prep (change in programme)

Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival

Tuesday 24 June (late date)

Pre-School and Infants Sports Day

Wednesday 25 June (change in programme)

Mid-Term Break

27 to 30 June inclusive 

Bullocks (Grade 3) Rugby Tournament

Saturday 5 July at Kyle Prep (change in programme)

CHISZ Form One Entrance Examinations

Saturday 5 July

Grade 6 and 7 Mid-Year Examinations

7 – 11 July

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                                        
W J Weideman   

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